Sam Schwinghamer

Account Manager / UI Designer

eHi! I’m Sam

I’m a Product Designer and Front End Developer currently based in Toronto, Canada. I’m originally from Edmonton, Canada and while there’s no place like home, planet earth has some pretty neat stuff going on out there which is why I’ve lived in 5 different countries in the last 5 years, with my eyes set on Europe (somewhere in the Alps!) this upcoming winter. I like to build for the web and make things beautiful while still being incredibly functional.

Design is a passion that I’ve always had and was a career that found its way to me all on it’s own. From small beginnings making Backstreet Boys fan sites as a 14 year old (embarrassing, but true) to now having been a full time freelancer for 5+ years. Design is my happy place.

Outside of “the grind” what are you passionate about?

Obsessively buying plants and trying to keep them alive, long distance running and reading. My boyfriend and I are currently in the midst of a 100 game crib tournament and first to 100 wins a trip anywhere in the world (very aggressive prize, we know). The score right now is 92-90 for him, but everybody loves a comeback.

What is your favorite food and/or drink?

Espresso and tonic. Most people hate it, and I’m not one of them.

What’s your favorite go-to dish to make at home?

Pad thai aka. the most delicious meal of all time.

What’s your favorite part of what we do at 906?

Being part of a team that really cares about the work that it does and gives it everything they’ve got.

Do you have kids and/or pets that you’d like to share?

I have about 35 plants (no exaggeration) that all have names, do those count?

What’s your bucket-list vacation destination/experience?

Cairo, being from Canada I can’t imagine a place that would feel more surreal and exotic. Plus all that history just lights me up! 🤓

What sort of projects do I work on? All sorts.

Competitive Analysis
Stakeholder Interviews
User Interviews
Persona Creation
Information Architecture
User Flows
Task Flows
Affinity Mapping

Low + High Fidelity Mockups
User Testing
User Experience (UX)
User Interface (UI)
Landing Pages
Divi WordPress Development

Distributed for Impact

After spending 10 years helping grow a large digital agency, our founder, Zach Nichols, knew he wanted to pioneer 906 as a fully remote, 100% distributed agency. With technology to connect us, we efficiently deliver quality service to our clients, leveraging our stacked roster of experts from all over the country and the world.

Our team is comprised of leading creative and strategic thinkers specializing in design and development. Each team member brings a depth of knowledge and unique experiences from working at large firms with big-name clients to benefit our clients at 906.


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